I'm a first-year Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan in Computer Science and Engineering, advised by David Fouhey. My primary research interest lies in Computer Vision, espeically 3D vision and recognition.

I obtained my bachelor degree from both the University of Michigan and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. During my undergraduate study at Michigan, I worked with Jia Deng in Vision & Learning Lab.


Learning Single-Image Depth from Videos using Quality Assessment Networks.
Weifeng Chen, Shengyi Qian, Jia Deng.
IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2019.


Instructional Aide / Teaching Assistant:


DiagNet: Bridging Text and Image.
Xinyi Zheng, Shengyi Qian, Yi Wen, Mark Jin, Tim Shen.
Course Project, EECS 498/598 Deep Learning, 2019 Winter. Instructor: Prof. Honglak Lee.
Convision: Bring Vision to the Blind through Conversation.
Yi Wen, Chung-Hsun Wang, I-Le Wu, Shengyi Qian, Ray Cao, Linyi Jin, Xinyi Zheng.
Capstone Project, 2019 Winter.
3D Bounding Box Detection of Vehicles.
Course Project, ROB 535 Self-driving Cars: Perception and Control, 2018 Fall.
Surface Normals Prediction from a Single Image.
Shengyi Qian, Linyi Jin, Yichen Yang.
Instructor: Jia Deng.
Course Project, EECS 442 Computer Vision, 2018 Winter.
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